Two ancient, gnarled cherry trees stand beside Waltham City Hall, every spring faithfully bestowing masses of exquisite, pink-tinged flowers upon an admiring public. Theirs are not ordinary cherry blossoms, but an exotic, ruffled flower. 

A portion of the third photo, below is enlarged to reveal the delicate nature of these small flowers, each measuring just an inch-and-a-half, or 40 millimeters across.  Here, they are lit by the soft, glancing light of a late afternoon sun.

I’ve recently snapped a few flower photos that I've not yet published. Several are related by time or place to the present subject, so I’ve taken the liberty of adding them here. Two I took a few weeks ago on the grounds of the nearby public library. The last one I shot more recently, an orange tulip growing only a few steps from the cherry trees, and set aglow by the brilliant light of a midday sun.
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