Ron Cohen
Great photos tell a story. The legendary Life magazine photos in the post-war period come to mind. Those were spell-binding images, often presented with few words—just enough copy to provide background and spark the reader's interest. 

Photos that tell a story are often marked by deep emotion, but the ones I like best explore the lighter side of life with wit and irony—those, for example, of the legendary 20th Century photographers, Brassai and Henri Cartier-Bresson. 

On this photo site, I shall try to tell stories. It won’t be easy, I know. Good visual stories don’t come along every day. And there’s often a tension between the messiness of story-telling and the refined artistic appeal valued by some critics and galleries.

How to get started? I’ll do what I always do, take lots of photos, without laboring them, and hope the subconscious, creative processes will kick in. I’ve always had my best success—in writing, too—when I followed that approach. So, you may see some rather ordinary photos, at first, until the juices flow.

My earlier photo blog, At My Window, captured the life of a pond. I’ve since moved away from that fertile source of images, where my subjects typically came to me. Moving was a wrenching change. To restart, I felt I needed a new conceptual space to work in.

I may continue to post occasional nature photos to my earlier site. This new one is about people, their daily lives, and the places they hold dear. They are the people and places along my way.

Ron Cohen
March 2016
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