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My sister, Naomi Robin Quinn, would often refer to me as, "my brother, the nature photographer." I tried in vain to tell her that living on a pond (as I did in those days) I simply photographed what I saw every day outside my window, and that she shouldn’t pigeon-hole me. When I finally moved away from the pond, I found that learning to photograph other subjects, especially people, was a lot harder than I had expected. To that extent, she was right.
The photos, here, are presented roughly in the order taken, with a few exceptions at the end. I regret that some people are missing, especially Naomi’s two daughters, Esther and Rachel. No doubt they were busy with hosting duties, for I didn’t see them during the event long enough to snap their pictures.
These photos can all be downloaded or copied for personal use from a laptop or desktop computer. Remember, click on any photo in the grid, above, to open the full-screen slide show; then use the keyboard arrows, or swipe, to view the slides. As you might have guessed, images saved from the slide show will be of much higher quality than those from the grid.  If you have any comments or concerns, please feel free to communicate them via the EMAIL link at the top of the sidebar.
Best wishes, Ron Cohen 

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