April 10, 2009
April 11, 2011
This lovely crocus had weathered many a winter at the corner of our house on the pond, bravely to reappear each spring before all others flowers in our garden. A double bloom appeared in 2009, but only a single in 2011. Perhaps the winter was colder in the later year, or the bulb had less stored energy by then. I missed it, entirely, in 2010, I think due to a late snow covering it.
The two photos were taken two years apart, on almost the same date, April 10th and 11th respectively. Nature’s clock is truly amazing, especially given the seasonal fluctuations in temperature that can occur from year to year.
A tip: I’ve learned that it’s important to leave the leaves standing after the bloom has withered and gone, so the bulb can recharge its energy for the next season. This is true for all bulb flowers.

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