April 18, 2009
These yellow daffodils came up every spring by the front door of our pond house. Frankly, I never knew their full name. My garden book suggested they might be a “King Arthur” cultivar, but I couldn’t be sure. A search of the Internet didn’t yield the answer, either.
Of course, this is a technical point, of interest only to a few committed gardeners. After all, a daffodil by any other name…(as Shakespeare might say). Their color, form and pose are so expressive, is there any doubt why narcissus are beloved by all? Their origin is the western Mediterranean, my book says.
The lefthand photo I took on April 18, 2009. The middle one I shot two years later on April 12, 2011. Both are from the same batch of bulbs, growing in the same spot by the front door. The earlier photo shows the daffodils after a heavy rain. Their color appears less intense. Maybe it’s due to longer exposure to the elements, or just the softer light that always follows a rain.
The bicolor daffodil grew behind the house. I photographed it the same day that I took the middle photo. I was so touched by its beauty that I wrote the "margin poem," above. Several days later, I found it wilted and dead.

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