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Still no pics of vendor booths here. I took some, but I felt they weren’t good enough to publish. My heart wasn’t in it, I guess. What’s more, there were fewer booths than in years past. Stalls for crafts and science, always popular, were notably absent. This is a creative deficit I’ve seen and noted in other festivals. I believe it's due to the lingering effects of COVID, and may take a generation to repair.
I asked the man with the bicycle—odd-looking bike it was—whether it was electric. With a smile on his face, he replied, "Do I look like I need an electric bike?"
The singer in the last frame was 93 years old. He was so frail, he needed help getting to the podium. But could he sing! And the audience erupted. So, don’t dismiss older folks; they may know a thing or two after a long life.

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