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As I was combing through my photos of the last two years looking for print candidates, I was surprised at how many I was rejecting. I suddenly realized I was looking with an entirely new lens. A photo that was suitable for the small screen in Bēhance didn’t make the cut for framing and hanging on the wall. For that purpose, I had unconsciously decided, a photo had to be "arresting."
It took me awhile to digest all this, and analyze what in fact made a photo "arresting." Here’s what I came up with: 1) The photo had to have "presence." I can't define what I mean by that word, but as they say about pornography, I know it when I see it. 2) The subject had to be simple and self-contained, not a fragment of a larger scene or story. And 3) the subject had to contain an element of surprise, of novelty, a twist on everyday life—to pique the viewer’s interest. 
Recently, I introduced this print project in Part 1. Togther, these two series form a retrospective, as all the photos have been shown before on Bēhance—although the newly presented have had their contrast boosted for vibrant prints.

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