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These candid portraits were taken in a local café. They are presented here in the style of ACROS photographic film, long prized for its wide tonal range, rich blacks and fine detail. It is a proprietary product of the Fujifilm Corporation. Recently, production was moved to Ilford in the UK.
These digital images were processed with film simulation software that mimics the qualities of ACROS film, including its grain characteristics. When photo film—any film—is used at high sensitivity, that is, when it is pushed to perform in low light, the grain becomes bigger and more obvious. ACROS is no different; its fine, tight grain becomes visible when the film is exposed in the low light. Interestingly, the ACROS simulation software mimics this visible grain and displays it as a pleasing texture.
Please note, however: the third image is an outlier. Its exaggerated graininess owes more to a tight crop—that is, to extreme enlargement—than it does to low light exposure.

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