Usually, when I finish a project, I suffer artist’s remorse; I feel the work is no good. When, a few days later, I look at it again, I think, "Well, maybe it’s not so bad after all." A few weeks or months may go by, and if I happen to see it again, I find myself thinking, "Hey, that’s pretty darn good! Who did that?" Well, this project is a case in point. By chance, I viewed it after two years, and felt I had to present it again. Here it is, with just a little re-editng of some photos:

Riverfest is an annual event in Waltham, stretching over several days. Stalls featuring crafts, clothes and fast food line the street. Musical groups perform. Walking tours are led along the Charles River. Activities are offered for the kids. 

At first glance, this may look like any county fair or farmers’ market, but there's a notable air of celebration; everybody is having a good time. Instead of photographing vendors and their varied offerings, this year, I decided to focus on the people enjoying themelves.
Some photos I’ve displayed in grayscale because I felt they were stronger without the color. I hope you will enjoy, too.

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