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STRIPPING. Removing about 2 inches (5cm) of existing road surface is the first step. Small and large stripping machines are used. The big stripper deposits the waste in a dump truck moving ahead in tandem with the stripper.
PREPPING. Before repaving, a chemical is applied to improve adhesion of the new surface.
REPAVING. The huge spreader lays down the new surface with speed and precision, as a big dump truck, moving ahead in tandem, feeds it with hot asphalt.
FINISHING. The new surface is finished by raking, where needed, and rolling.
Like giant prehistoric creatures, these amazing machines rumble and roll at night, chewing up pavement and spitting it out; then laying down new, hot asphalt with speed and precision. So fascinating did I find this production outside my window, that I recorded it in the photos, above.

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