Waltham’s annual Steampunk Festival ran into some cold, rainy weather this year. The enthusiastic crowds were undeterred, although the numbers were down from the previous year. I arrived early, ahead of the rain, but was able shoot for only an hour before the rain came.
My photos of last year’s event had a rogues' gallery quality, I’ve come to realize. This year, I resolved to capture not just the costumed participants, but the life of the event, as well. The threat of rain, by forcing me to work quickly, helped me toward that end. The photos are shown in the order taken.
"What is steampunk?" you may reasonably ask. It is a genre of science fiction themed on the steam-powered machinery of the 19th Century, and on the fashions of dress and architecture of that Victorian era. It could be described as the future as imagined by the denizens of that time, or as conceived by the fertile mind of its famous science fiction writer, Jules Verne

For more background on Waltham’s annual Steampunk Festival, and for more colorful costumes, see my 2017 story of the event.
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