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Corner of Main and Moody
Corner of Main and Moody
Corner of Main and Moody
Moody Street
Main Street
Pedestrian Island at Corner
The sound was deafening. A few signs being held aloft urged drivers to honk in support of the protest—and honk they did! Even tractor-trailer rigs driven by big, beefy, white guys blew their low-pitched air horns in support. 
Many protesters were dressed in black to signal their support for intifa, a leftwing, anti-fascist, direct-action movement. The protest took place on Waltham Common, at the corner of Main and Moody Streets, the busiest intersection in town. It was a peaceful protest, made up mostly of college students.
As to the photos, I would have liked to take a few up-close-and-personal, as I regularly do, but at my age, avoiding the virus had to be the first priority.

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