It was a brilliant and fervent call to arms, a bravura performance by an old-time, gospel preacher exhorting the faithful to ever-greater duty and sacrifice. Elizabeth Warren, our senior senator from Massachusetts, in this "town hall" meeting rallied her supporters with a heartfelt attack against Donald Trump and the Republicans in Washington. 
We arrived three hours early in order to get a front-row seat, but without a telephoto lens, I was still limited in what I could capture of the senator up on stage. The waiting line wrapped around Concord High School where the event was held. The vast overflow crowd was seated in the school cafeteria, which was equipped with closed-circuit TV. 
Elizabeth, as she's affectionately called by her supporters, brought the packed house nearly to tears, so evident was the pain she felt for the direction in which our country is heading. It was a genial crowd, and I busied myself taking their pictures while we waited. (See also my photo story, Edward.)
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