This was the season opener. The Waltham Farmers’ Market had never looked better, nor had it been better attended. On this visit, I largely ignored the food, and focused on the people. In each of my previous visits, I had tried a different approach to photographing the event. This time, I hoped to capture what's known among photographers as the "decisive moment."
That is the term famously coined by the French photographer, Henri Cartier Bresson to describe "that split second where everything—composition, action, expression—come together to make a unique and memorable image." (reference).
Admittedly, my idea of the decisive moment is more fluid than HCB’s. I’m not the perfectionist he was. I hope merely to capture the spontaneity of my subjects. That may sound easy, but it requires the same mental focus and quick response. As I go about taking pictures, I try to keep the idea of a "decisive moment" firmly in mind; otherwise, I tend to wait too long before pressing the shutter button.
The photos, below, are presented in the order taken.
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