Of the many festivals held each year on Waltham Common, the Steampunk event is by far the biggest and most spectacular. It is also a special one for photographers; because the participants are so eager to show off their costumes; they engage readily with anyone holding a camera.
This year I went determined to focus more on faces and less on costumes, a departure from my past practice. I also was determined to keep my online presentation short. Well, you can see how that resolution ended. There are nearly 40 photos here, displayed roughly in the order taken. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did taking them. 
"What is steampunk?" you may reasonably ask. It is a genre of science fiction themed on the steam-powered machinery of the 19th Century, and on the fashions of dress and architecture of that Victorian era. It could be described as the future as imagined by the denizens of that time, or as conceived by the fertile mind of its most famous science fiction writer, Jules Verne.
For more photos, see also: Steampunk (2017) and Steampunk II (2018).

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