Located a few miles northwest of Boston, in Lincoln MA, the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum is a destination for families as well as serious art lovers. The occasion of our visit was two exhibits, one of Edward Steichen, the 20th Century American photographer, and the second, a major, biennial exhibit of selected New England artists. 
We started out in the elegant, top floor coffee shop, overlooking scenic Flint Pond, then moved next door to the Steichen exhibit, and finally migrated downstairs to the biennial exhibit. What follows is a sketchy photo impression of the goings-on—in no way intended to be exhaustive. 
A lesson I learned during our several-hour visit: it’s not possible to be both a creater and consumer of art at the same time; emotions conflict. A friend of mine put it nicely after reading an earlier version of this intro, "I can appreciate the tension between being a museum goer versus a museum observer of the museum goers!" That is a truism that no doubt applies in many areas of human life.
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