This is a retrospective of flower portraits that I’ve taken over the last few years, in Waltham and nearby towns. I consider them all favorites, of course. From top, left: Magnolia, Forsythia, Tulip, unidentified Daisy-like flowers, Oxeye Daisies (with Monarch butterfly), Jonquils, Tulips, and Clematis 'Jackmanii.'

The Magnolia photo was taken in April 2015. The tree was bursting with luxuriant blossoms that year. Alas, it was the last spring for such extravagant beauty. In the three years since, the blooms have been small and straggly. Perhaps this old tree is finally dying. Or perhaps it has been done in by climate change. We’ll never know, of course, but we mourn the loss.

I had previously posted all these photos on Bēhance, in various projects. But I’ve recently re-edited them with an eye to printing. In the course of re-editing, I restored them all to their original two-by-three proportions, so they would make a strong, coherent statement when hung together on a wall. I had misgivings about that, at first, but in fact, they looked so good in their native format that I thought why not post them here again?

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