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A feeling for the Lion Dance can be gained from this brief video.​​​​​​
A traditional dance to bring good luck, the Lion Dance was performed with energy and authority by a professional troupe.
Outstanding service within the Winchester School for Chinese Culture was recognized during an awards ceremony.
Even the smallest children received awards.
The dancers in yellow portrayed the story of Yang, who was the emperor’s favorite concubine in the Tang Dynasty.
The women in blue performed a Mongolian dance called, "The Moon Over the Steppe."
The Mongolian dancers were members of the Spring Dance Troupe.
Children patiently waited for their turn to perform.
Families and friends posed for the camera.
More attendees posed for their group photos.
A teacher at the Winchester School of Chinese Culture posed with some of her students, and with a traditional figure said to be the god of wealth. In the last photo, a vice principal of the school graciously took time from her duties to pose.
This Chinese New Year’s Party celebrated the Year of the Rat. It was organized by the Winchester School of Chinese Culture (WSCC), in partnership with two other community groups. It was an ambitious event—a tour de force, in fact—but it appeared to come off without a hitchThe costumes and performances were outstanding. Every age group of students participated on stage, and every age group received awards; no one was left out. After all the awards and performances, a tasty lunch of Chinese food arrived to cap off the event.
The Town of Winchester is an affluent suburb ten miles northwest of Boston. It has a sizable Chinese-American population. I took these photos on freelance assignment for the town newspaper. 

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