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Below street level: concrete supports
Above street level: steel trusses
Guardrail and fence added later
Play of light and shadow
Perspective shots
Steel trusses above roadway 
Bridge art
Tracks running under bridge...
…and bisecting a lumber yard
View from street level
In May, I posted some photos of this bridge taken on an overcast, shadowless day. Given the dull quality of the light, I was gratified that they turned out as well as they did. I still had an itch to take the same photos in bright sunlight, to catch what I knew would be a dramatic play of light and shadow. Recently I found time. Here are the results.
Built in 1936, the bridge continues to support a huge volume of motor vehicle traffic. The train—now a commuter rail line—runs under it, so it may not be what most people consider a "railroad bridge," but I still think of it that way. You can see my earlier photos of the bridge at Bridge, and of the lumber yard bisected by the tracks at Lumber.

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