His was not the star-powered performance of his colleague, Elizabeth Warren, but it was an impressive bit of showmanship nonetheless. Ed Markey, our Democratic, junior senator from Massachusetts, demonstrated a mastery of the issues gained during 37 years in the U.S. Congress, fielding one question after another from his constituents with ease, conviction and a wry sense of humor. He was not above bragging about his own legislative accomplishments, of which many were significant. 
This town hall did not attract the overflow crowd of a recent Warren event, but the crowd was of good size, attentive, and clearly loved their man. A black vocal group kicked off the evening with Negro spirituals laced with barbs at the Republicans, to the delight of this decidedly liberal audience. 
At the end, I rushed down to join the small group waiting to talk personally with the senator. In my excitement, I forgot to take photos of those who were leaving—so, alas, I have no final bookend for my story. (See also my photo story, Elizabeth.)
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