This is the seventh time, over the past several years, that I've photographed the Waltham Farmers' Market—a project always fascinating to me, and always a challenge. Each time, I’ve gone with a different goal in mind—to capture the bustle of the market, or the personal interactions of buyers and sellers, or the "decisive moment." In truth, however, when I look back at those earlier efforts, I feel the only goal I now want to pursue is the last one, that of the "decisive moment."

The "decisive moment" is a term famously coined by the French photographer, Henri Cartier Bresson to describe "that split second where everything—composition, action, expression [and, I would add, light]—come together to make a unique and memorable image." Of course, the ability to take such a photograph comes only from practice and perseverance. It is the mark of a great street photographer, I believe—and one that is all too rare. 

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